The Art of Photography

We are very glad that we make exclusive interview with mr.Branko BanjO Cejovic, Founder & CEO of Visit Montenegro. He is author of 99% of photos on this website and author of several bestseller guides of Montenegro (visit this web link to see all published digital and printed books by Branko BanjO Cejovic).

Anyway, the subject of this interview is: HOW TO MAKE GOOD PHOTO IN MONTENEGRO.

Q: How many photos of Montenegro you  have in your collection?

Well, I finished Academy of Art, and I know about PHOTOGRAPHY almost everything. I started with professional photos of Montenegro in 2001. when I bought my first digital camera. Since then, I have made over 2 million photos of Montenegro.

Q: What is your favourite destination?

For sure – National Park Durmitor. This is my TOP PLACE IN THE WORLD, not only in Montenegro. This location provide so huge range of landscapes, so many diversities, so unique light and sceneries …

Durmitor National Park is for sure most amazing and most beautiful place on the earth.

Branko BanjO Cejovic
Visit Montenegro Founder & CEO

Q: What is your advice for taking a good photos?

Well, I know there is many rules. But I always try to escape from rules, because I believe that this is right way to make something unique and valuable. If you always follow rules, you will be trapped and will never make something good enough. But of course, first of all, you MUST know all rules, you must learn to make photos following all rules, then your creativity will guide you further.

Q: What is your favourite photo?

Wow … after millions and millions of different photos, this is for sure very hard question. But of course, there is several favourite photos on my screen saver. Some of them are from my private collection, but most of them are from my Montenegro collection. Montenegro is ideal place for a making extraordinary photos, believe me.

Q: Can we publish some of them?

Yes, why not. When I shared over 2000 of my photos on this and other web sites with whole world, I can share couple of more.

Q: Can we publish some of them?

Yes, why not. When I shared over 2000 of my photos on this and other web sites with whole world, I can share couple of more.

Sedlo Peak, Durmitor

My family have a couple of special places. One of them is SEDLO peak, near Zabljak (Durmitor National Park). Every year we must visit this amazing place, where you can feel beauty and  strength of the nature. This photo remind me on Sedlo and every time when I see this photo … I feel so happy.


Little Island near Petrovac

Unique moment when I shoot this photo, create something so specific and so mystique. This island is near Petrovac, and I have many photos of them, but this one is special for me. This photo have some amazing energy.


Rijeka Crnojevica

Yes, each photo describe some specific moment. Often you need to have luck: good light, good moment, good angle, … And mostly I made my best photos when I was relaxed and when I enjoy in photo shooting. This is one of that moments:



There is much more photos that I love so much, but I think this 3 photos best describe my favourite photos.

Q: Dear BanjO, thank you for this interview and wish you more great photos.

Thank you. Hope that people will enjoy in Photo Montenegro. We all try to provide huge amount of beautiful, but also useful photos from Montenegro.

All images are under copyright © Branko BanjO Cejovic